Research Partners and Investors

Our main goal is to create an ecosystem of devices that use our WiFi controller “AGEduino” and our communication protocol on the Internet.



We are therefore looking for partners or lenders:

  • Companies interested in include the system EasuLux their products and make them part of the Internet of Things
  • Businesses and retailers interested in our products and to integrate them into their home automation solutions
  • Lenders or able to invest in our project to expand its capabilities, so you can have a strong presence in this new market
  • State or private entities that see in the Internet of Things and wireless in our product AGEduino / EasyLux an investment for the future more interactive and environmentally sustainable

But we see some data:
The number of devices connected IOT is constantly growing and will increase from 9 billion intelligent objects produced in 2009 to over 24 billion by 2020.
As we can see from the graph in Figure 1, the strongest growth is expected for devices M2M (machine to machine, as EasyLux that are able to communicate with each other via standard WiFi), rising from 2 billion devices in 2011 to over 12 billion by the end of 2020 (GSMA 2011).

Gartner tells us that in 2011 the number of “things” connected to the network amounted to over 15 billion devices connected permanently and over 50 billion connected intermittently. These numbers are destined to multiply, passing by 2020 to a volume of 30 billion devices connected to the network in a fixed manner and over 200 billion connected occasionally.

The value generated by the devices Internet of things has been estimated at around 420 billion euro in 2010 and expects a value of 1,300 billion euro by 2020.
M2M is set to become the biggest sub-market of the’ internet of things. It certainly represent the largest share of revenue “connected life”, scheduled for a total of 714 billion euro in 2020 (Machina Research 2010).
Let’s see what are the predictions of the sub-markets IoT:

  • Automotive (revenue opportunities 202 billion dollars)
  • Health (opportunity to gain $ 97 billion)
  • Consumer Electronics (revenue opportunities 445 billion dollars)
  • Utilities (revenue opportunities $ 36 billion)

Figure 2, however, shows the revenue growth expected in several vertical industries M2M. As we see, the consumer electronics, automotive smart buildings, healthcare, as well as utilities are the most promising market shares, both in terms of revenues in growth rates.

Given the numbers it is easy to draw conclusions.The ‘Internet of things will become one of the largest markets in the coming years. We are ready to face these new challenges that the market and technology offer us, and you ?


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