Application Areas

Fields of application are manifold EasyLux: domestic use, allowing savings of consumption and utilization facilities for the disabled, to the industrial (lighting programmed sheds), to public systems (public car parks and shopping centers, hospitals, institutions public, etc.) to working environments (offices).
The absence of the wired network command of the lighting system allows a considerable saving in the design and installation. Reconfiguring software allows editing of the lighting at no additional cost.
Here are some examples:

Internal (home)
Internal office (houses)
Lighting systems for offices and apartments
  • Energy saving
  • Support For the disabled (control smartphone / tablet)
Residential External (Condominiums) Entrance lights / garden / common parts
  • Energy saving;
  • Powering only in the presence of people and varying intensity with natural light
Industrial Lighting plants
Hospitals Night lights – Emergency
  • Energy saving
  • Using Different color lines
Parking (public, commercial centers, etc.) Ambient lighting and exit lights
  • Powering only in the presence of car
  • Ignition only vacancies
  • Presence detector
Road Street lighting and intelligent monitoring
  • Ignition only in the presence of car
  • Traffic monitoring

Alarm Systems The switch detects the presence
  • In the presence of someone can program the system to send alert
  • Simulates presence to deter thieves


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