EasyluxPG System

The idea behind the “Easy Lux PG” is that energy is a valuable asset that requires a careful and conscientious management.

Our vision is that in the future there will be more and more interest in renewable energy sources and in particular for private management of the same: why build large photovoltaic plants when everyone can use the space of your own home to auto-generate its own energy needs and manage the energy generated independently?

The answer to this question is our mission: to create an eco-friendly power generation that can interact with the lighting system to optimize consumption. The ease of both the new installation as the replacement of existing plants is a strong point of our project, and a factor that lowers the cost of installing the new plant. In addition to sustainable energy management, software reconfigurability of the system allows additional savings, especially in the realities where you must reconfigure workspaces, such as open-plan offices, co-working spaces, spaces dedicated to trade fairs or exhibitions temporary.

The project took into account the difficult economic situation that make large investments in new systems can portray clients from investing their resources in innovative energy-saving, so we designed the system EasyLuxPG so that it is scalable: the user You can start by purchasing a single lamp with WiFi communication and command it through their mobile device, and then enrich the system with other devices such as sensor, and light sensor and thus create an environmentally friendly lighting system, whether in a single room as around the home or office, until you get to entire buildings or underground car parks. In fact the system can also run on the regular household power supply grid. You can then add the solar panels and batteries to create a real power grid. The system does not limit the number of devices on the same network and power grid.
By mapping the system power automatically become proactive: it can alert you if the stored energy is not sufficient to satisfy the habits detected or, depending on how it is configured, providing to decrease the intensity of light to reach the required duration. In addition, the user can interact at any time through this program on their mobile device and force or reconfigure system settings. In case of lack of energy in the accumulators the system can connect to the grid to power the lighting system.

The possibility of interacting with each light point of the installation via an electronic device connected to the WiFi network, also allows the creation of dynamic scenarios controlled by events of other nature, such as for example the management of emergency situations: for example in case of “ fire in the west wing of the building ” can be set a scenario that illuminate preferentially escape routes that allow you to get to safety.

It was analyzed also focusing on the issue of information security: the communication between devices is protected by the most advanced systems of data protection.



The project is under the IoT (Internet of Things) category, the internet of things, where the objects participate actively in the network could be programmed and being able to communicate with each other. Each object is given a unique identity on the Internet. In our case this is made possible by electronic devices developed on the basis of the Arduino project and equipped with WiFi module, brightness and presence sensors. Each device can be configured with specific instructions that will command the system LED lights in which it is incorporated. More devices communicate with each other through the Internet and can be managed and controlled more by Wi-Fi network from tablet and smartphone users.



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