Technical features

The system of power generation and energy-saving lighting EasyLuxPG (EasyLux Personal Grid) is the flagship of innovative startup “AGEvoluzione.”

The main feature of this project is the management of each device using microcontroller equipped with communication via WiFi network allowing communication between all elements of the lighting system. Each element of the system becomes a subject of Internet (according to the philosophy of the Internet of Things IoT) with its own unique identity on the local network.

The ease of installation and use of the system are the fundamental points of the project.
The widespread use of WiFi coverage in homes and offices allows the operation of the lighting system and energy management without requiring the installation of additional devices.

These features enable:

  • Simplification of the electrical system: there is no need for a control system of the lights, but only a low voltage power supply system, the commands are given through the WiFi network;
  • The reconfiguration or software of each system element IMMULITE network control and interactions between system elements
  • The real-time monitoring of the operation of each device and the entire network. Monitoring can be local or remote through the Internet
  • The control of any device via table / smartphone / PC both locally and remotely
  • The creation of a smart grid that balances automatically consumption to optimize the use of energy generated by solar panels and stored in the energy storage

A distinctive feature of the project is EasyLuxPG profiling the energy consumption habits of the user. The system automatically creates a map weekly energy consumption characteristic so as to balance consumption depending on the amount of energy available.


The Easy Lux is highly scalable: you can start with a single device controlled via smartphone to build a network of hundreds of interacting devices to manage the network of lighting of a house as big building. Any interaction with the computer allows you to implement scenarios that vary over time, the integration with a smart grid allows the optimization of resources.

The system is composed of the following elements:

Photovoltaic panels For the generation of electrical energy
Batteries To store electricity generated by photovoltaic panels, with wireless communication
Digital Controller (AGEduino*) Microprocessor-based programmable for direct control of the added components. It allows the following functions:

– Management of LED lights
– Management of occupancy sensors and lighting
– Communication management via wi-fi between devices
LED Light sources in low-power and long life. Management via electronic enhances the features
WI-FI Module lights (PC-Tablet-Smartphone). Significantly reduces the cost of installation of the equipment
Brightness sensors They communicate with the controller of the LED lights to vary the light intensity in relation to the light in the environment, allowing a considerable energy saving and therefore costs
Presence sensor They communicate with the controller to control the switching on of the lights only in the areas where there is the presence of people
SmartSwitch Switch built with LCD touch that replaces traditional mechanical switches

The combination of these elements allows the creation of a true Smart Grid “private”, which aims to optimize energy consumption.

*AGEDUINO is the power base on which the project is based EasyLux is an evolution of the card ARDUINO UNO which increases its capacity through the use of the microcontroller ATMega644P and simultaneously minimizes the size. It allows direct connection of communication cards developed under standard xbee, and can accommodate custom cards dedicated to the project. Its small size (about 25 × 40 mm) allow for their inclusion in small devices.

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